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Wynardtage interview

Interview with Kai A. of Wynardtage
by Evan South

1.) Kai, can you give us some basic background on yourself,
and how you came to start Wynardtage?

I started already in 1997 to create my songs and sounds.
In spring 2002 I decided to found Wynardtage and went more
into dark-music. Later I added some well versed musicians
in his network as there are Rico S.(echorausch), Mario F.
and Gunnar B. (both from former davaNtage). i worked for
other bands like Acylum or La Magra as well. In 2008 I
could engage Mel G. of Future Trail as an ambitioned
guest singer for my Grey Line-release to give the title
more emotional depth with her charismatic voice.From the
musical side Wynardtage is situated in the dark-electro area
of course and has developed constantly. Today the press
characterises the style as an independent mixture of
melancholie and dancecore beat.  From the beginning to
this day Wynardtage could gain the national black
dance-clubs in storm and became one of the most famous
electro-acts in the scene. All Wynardtage-releases since
2006 could reach the German alternative charts (DAC) and
Native 25 DJ-charts. Because of private reasons I decided
to set a spell in summer 2009. After months of rumors and
speculations we finally announced to continue with the

2.) Why did you choose dark-electro as your musical outlet
as opposed to making Wynardtage, for example, a rock band?

Because i was influenced with dance-floor music as teenager.
I worked a lot of years as a dj in the underground techno-scene,
before i started with dark music.

3.) Did the fact that there were aready so many other bands
making this type of music intimidate you?  What did you think
you would be able to bring to the scene/genre that would be

Hard to say. I mean as I started there was no real concept.
I'm a natural depressive guy, because I loved the way to show
that the world with my music.  When I started, bands like
wumpscut and hocico was on the top. I liked it, it influenced
me the first years. With the 2nd cd "Evil Mind" I left all the
influences behind me, to find my own way. For me it's cool,
to hear that I influenced other new fresh bands today. I'm not
sure about what Wynardtage means for the scene, I'm nothing
special. The music discribe themes of daily life with all the
hypocritical up's and even more depressive down's. the
people loved my unselfish way of life. I'm no afraid asshole
who wants to keep on top by using all weapons. I think there
are so many talented fresh bands outside which should
become a chance to show what they can.

4.) Kai, you use tv/movie samples quite extensively in your
music.  Also they are not your typical science fiction/horror
samples.  How do samples fit into your music and why are
they used?

It's not a must have, but sometimes a sample make a song
more charismatic. i mean take for example my evergreen
"Sterbehilfe". The song starts with a very unique sample. When
djs are starting do play this song the growd explode by hearing
the sample start;-)

5.) You also use remixes extensively on your cd's, and all your
albums have 2 cd sets.  Why do you like to have so many
remixes of your music?

I think for a dj is it good to have some different versions of
some songs. I know that some people who listen my music
more at home are not so hot for a lot of remix-works, but
other people like to hear how other famous bands construe
my songs. Its interesting for me as well.  For my upcoming
cd (will released in winter 2010/2011) are no remixes planned.
Instead of remixes i will give my fans the very first official
wynardtage (video) clip on the disc.

6.) Speaking of remixes, you recently made available 70 free
mp3's, almost all remixes.  This is 4 or 5 albums worth of
material.  Why did you decide to give these away for free?

It's a pleasure to give my loyal fans which made Wynardtage
to one of the top electro acts in Germany something back. The
other thing is, its just a real good promotion, when every dj
around the world can upload some free stuff.

7.) You have remixed many artists yourself.  How do you
approach remixing other people's music?

Good question. I mean as I started with Wynardtage I
made probably tooooo much remixes. Later I chose
the songs with more accuracy. I mean its no question
about money or whats the bands status - its only a
question of my motivation and if I like the original song.
If I started to make one I try now to make something
different to the original.

8.) Your latest release, Walk With The Shadows,
contains 3 covers of bands like The Cure, U2, and
Calva Y Nada.  How did you come to choose these
particular songs by these artists?

Very simple - because I like these songs.

9.) You also like to use female vocals in your music.
What do you think this adds to your music?

It was always my wish to complement some songs with
female vocals. First Caro and later Melanie gave me the
chance to make this wish come true.  I was a huge
davaNtage-fan in the late nineties and Melanie was the
singer there. In 2006 we decided to try out some things.
2 years later Melanie gave her debut with Wynardtage on
The Grey Line. The rest is history.

10.) Are there upcoming live shows for Wynardtage?
Do you wish Wynardtage played live more often, or are
you satisfied being a primarily studio artist?

We wil try, but I'm very busy now. I mean I have a full time
job and I'm a family man too. If we find the time we will
try out different things to make a live-gig possible, but
for now are dj-gigs the only alternative.

11.) Final thoughts/comments?

 Yes, maybe some people are sad about hearing no
news about live-gigs, but a other reason because there
are no news about is - WE HAD FINISHED A NEW
is really a surprise for some people, but the reason
because we worked so quick on a new cd after
releasing Walk with the Shadow was some critical
comments by the press. they said its not good to say
goodbye with a remixing overdosed-EP. Ok, that was
motivation enough for me and my bandmembers to
produce another fulltime-record. The results can be
listened in late 2010 or 2011. Thank you.

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