Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Din_fiv interview

Interview with Da5id Din of Din_fiv/Informatik
previously unpublished
by Evan South

1.)  How would you describe Escape to Reality
compared to your first solo effort Infinity?

Purely on a technical level, it is much more polished
than Infinity.  Musically, it shows a lot of growth and
maturity.  Thematically, it represents a shift from the
political to the spiritual.

2.)  What have been the events in the last 4 years since
Infinity that led to the new album?

First off, a lot of new and exciting bands have come to
light such as Pulse Legion, Imperative Reaction, and
Gridlock.  These have been a great influence on me.
Secondly, I think I've gone through a lot of personal
development in that time.  I recently moved 3000 miles
from Boston to San Francisco which has had a
overwhelming impact on me.

3.)  What is the status of Informatik?  Will you
continue solo?

Both projects are alive and well.  You'll find a new
Informatik remix on the upcoming Electropolis II
compilation from Metropolis although nothing else
is currently in the works.

4.)  The lyrics on ETR seem much more personal,
emotional, and inspirational.  Comments?

ETR discards all notions of a universal truth in favor
of personal truth.  To provide the audience with a
spiritual center does them a much greater service than
spewing some political philosophy that may have no
relevance to them.  Then and only then, with this
foundation of self-realization can one hope to
recognize the complex simplicity of truth's nature.

I've tried to achieve this in a couple of ways.  In
"Through the Looking Glass" I juxtapose the external
with the internal.  Turning the world inside out gives
one a new perspective and shakes up ones
preconceived notions about the nature of reality.  In
"We Are", my most evocative song to date, I assail
the listener with seemingly opposite terms until the
lines of meaning are blurred.  One becomes two as
two becomes one as the circle of constructed meaning
is shattered.  Many people have contacted me with
having very strong emotional reactions to this track.

Infinity made attempts to do the same but the effort
was not as cohesive and as well thought out.  What
can I say, I am older and wiser now.

5.)  There is a remix of Terminal Condition from the
first album.  Why was this included with the new
material?  Was it remixed around the time of the first
album?  Comments on the Battery remix of We Are?

The Terminal Condition remix is brand new.  I thought
it was important to give one of my seminal works a
coat of fresh paint.  I think A.E.C. did a very good job
of distilling the songs essence and pouring it into
something new and relevant.  Battery's remix of "We
Are" is extremely original in its approach and is vast in
its scope staying true to the Battery sound.

6.)  Can you tell us about Corrosive Studios?  I notice
you did the mastering for the most recent Battery

Corrosive Audio is where I work and live.  I do all my
compositions and recording there as well as mastering
work for numerous bands and labels.  You can find me
on the web at http://www.corrosive-audio.com/.

7.)  Have you ever performed live as Din_fiv or any
plans to do so, or do you consider Din_fiv as a studio
only project?

Not yet although I have some dates coming up.  As for
a full on tour, nothing has been booked as of yet
although I would love to tour if the right opportunity
presented itself.

8.)  What is the future of Din_fiv?  Are you working on
more material or remixes as we speak?  Possible
collaborations with any other artists or more studio

The next two Din_fiv releases are already in the
planning stages.  I have a couple remixes of both my
own work and others in the works as well as a German
lyric version of the track "Cataclysm".  As for
collaboration, I'm rather spread thin at the moment but
be prepared for several surprises coming next year.

9.)  Final thoughts/comments?

Constantly re-evaluate everything.